One Year To Greatness


From "What it is Today"
"What You Want It To Become Tomorrow"
A More Profitable,
A More Sustainable,
A More Enjoyable Business...

In other words... a GREAT Business!

If you don't have a GREAT Business yet and are tired of working hard to get there, what do you do?

Work Harder?
Work Longer Hours?
Suffer Through Sleepless Nights?

Learn to create a GREAT business
in a cost effective, time efficient manner

NOW there is a program to help you re-invent and re-create your business so that it becomes more Profitable, more Sustainable, and more Enjoyable...

The program is...

"One Year to Greatness"™

This is for you if you ever hear yourself saying...

"There is so much to do but, since I'm always 'putting out fires,' I don't have time or energy to plan or work on the long-term issues."

One Year to Greatness Members Plan Better!

"I want to build a more profitable, more sustainable, more enjoyable business... but there are so many issues that I have to deal with that I really don't know where to start."

One Year to Greatness Members Prioritize Better!

"Everything seems to be going OK, but I'm frustrated. I feel that I could be doing so much better... if only I knew what to do."

One Year to Greatness Members
Create and Follow Action Plans!

"We're a small family business - I don't know whether family pressures are putting a strain on the business or business pressures are putting a strain on the business and I don't know how to deal with it."

One Year to Greatness Members Communicate
and Deal with Difficult Issues Better!

"To reach my goals I need to know so much about so many things. I need more resources."

One Year to Greatness Membership — Resource Rich!

"I've read lots of business books, gone to a number of seminars, but I get lots of theories, not practical answers and small business strategies I can use."

One Year to Greatness helps you create
Practical Strategies You Can Use in Your Small Business Today!

"When I went to school, there wasn't a course in 'small business success,' and that's what I really need."

That's What You Get in One Year to Greatness!

"I keep asking the questions, but don't get the answers... I need someone to talk to. My spouse, my banker, my accountant... they all have opinions... but they all have agendas also... I need unbiased input."

One Year to Greatness has one agenda - YOUR SUCCESS!

"I want you to know how important this program is to us. It reminds us of what we need to do. You keep us focused, inspired, and I highly recommend you and this program. It is essential for any business owner because it keeps us motivated and positive to achieve the results we want. Everyone can benefit from One Year to Greatness."

Joe Grandwohl, Buff 'n Shine Professional Cleaning & Floor Care, Lansing, Michigan

Join "One Year to Greatness™"
for Small Business Success, Competitive Advantage, and Successful Marketing Strategies!

One Year to Greatness™ is a year-long series of telephone workshops and private one-on-one coaching designed to help you transform your business into a Great Business - one that is more profitable, more sustainable, and more enjoyable.

In 26 sessions in a group "conference call" setting, plus four private, coaching meetings, we analyze every facet of your business.

Each session is facilitated by Larry Galler, an experienced owner of multiple successful businesses, a 15 year veteran small business coach, consultant, and business columnist for a major regional newspaper, industry trade journals, business magazines, and a frequent contributor to many newsletters including Zig Ziglar's newsletter.

The goal of "One Year to Greatness" is to help you transform the business you have today into the Great Business you want to have tomorrow.

You'll meet with a group of other owners of small businesses who want to:

  • Solve problems!
  • Leverage time and expertise through effective delegation without losing control!
  • Develop and examine growth strategies for increased profits!
  • Deal better with "jerks at work" - those people that sap your energy and steal your time!
  • Become a more effective, visionary leader of your business!
  • Create improved, more efficient systems, processes, and techniques!
  • Try out new ideas!
  • Discover new resources!
  • Better balance business goals and personal goals!
  • And build Great Businesses also!

A Great Small Business
is a Successful Small Business...
You can get there in "One Year to Greatness™"

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Larry, over the months that I have been reading your column I have become so impressed with your ability to take a message and write it a short, concise yet meaningful way. I have enjoyed showcasing your talents in the Zig Ziglar newsletter and look forward to many more interesting articles! Thank you,

Jill Tibbels
Ziglar VP of Learning and Development
Larry: I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your column this week on Don't forget the "Attaboy!" I passed this out at our senior staff meeting and encouraged my key people to read and use your concept.

This was outstanding.

Rex Richards, President Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce
Larry's expertise in branding and motivation is priceless and a necessary resource for any company seeking to create a vision that will set company on fire.

Florian Steciuch, CMPS
I truly want to thank you for providing me with the tools to begin my journey to becoming a more effective and successful manager.
Mary Hodson Executive Director Mental Health Association in Porter County Valparaiso, In
Larry really likes to help business owners and managers to think outside the box. He is knowledgeable. He listens. He has integrity. His advice will steer you in the right direction. If you don't get his weekly newsletter don't hesitate to contact him and get signed up. They are short, sweet and to the point.

Anders Berg SwedeClean.Com
Larry: I feel that your coaching has been a big part of my success in increasing my focus and professionalism as Sales Manager.

David Stanton National Sales Manager Cornerstone Appraisal Services Valparaiso, IN
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